Hanging lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, surface-mounted lamps, busbar lamps ... There are so many different types of luminaires. Regardless of this, the lamp always remains an extremely important element of any interior - both aesthetic and functional.

At Chors, we try to make our lamps functional, durable and timeless in terms of aesthetics. That is why we are constantly introducing new technologies and technical solutions and we cooperate with exceptional designers to create products with unique designs. The design of our luminaires is based on pure geometry and various combinations of simple shapes and classic solids. Such bindings look good both on their own in minimalist arrangements and in a group of many different or the same forms, arranged in any compositions. This allows you to create unique sceneries that are a perfect complement to any space design.

In addition, we have introduced a new division of suspended luminaires: into single luminaires with a base and those that are designed for the Ready 4 Snap system. Thanks to this, full freedom and freedom in creating light installations is gained.

And this is our latest series of fixtures: Firefly. New lamps not only fulfill their functions great, but also look great in the interiors. We present them with great joy and satisfaction today.

The Firefly series is the latest project of the Wroclaw studio MIXD. The name refers to "glowing" insects - fireflies that add charm to July nights. Lamps in this series not only resemble the shape of magic skylights - they have a very elegant aluminum body, finished with a delicate glass shade - but like them emit a unique, moody light. Lamps from the Firefly series are already available in the form of a wall lamp, a hanging lamp (Firefly Z and Firefly ZS versions) and desk lamps, which will have their premiere in August.



In addition, we present a refreshed series of Fusion recessed fittings designed for installation in a suspended ceiling. The lamps have been designed to illuminate every space of the highest quality with general and focused light for many years.

The new Fusion L and Fusion RT L headlights (frameless system) are designed for operative, directional illumination with the highest quality dynamic light. They are available in two versions: economical - for a light source with G53 cap and advanced - for an efficient LED source from the spectrum of sunlight (Sunlike), with the function of angle adjustment in the range of 15 ° to 60 °, and with the choice of light color and the possibility dimming.